Reading Murakami in a book store on a dull Sunday Evening.

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It was around 5.30 when I decided to get out of my house and do something. Being on the laptop the whole day inside a little rectangle blue room didn’t make sense to me as it was a Sunday. After barely avoiding the landlady downstairs and saving myself from…

4 reasons why HIMYM’s ending destroyed the series.

Spoilers ahead. You don’t say!? ‘You know what we should do? We should totally open a bar. No, wait. We should totally destroy HIMYM. Yes, that would be legendary!’ That’s what the directors were thinking when they decided the ending on one of the greatest sitcoms. Or were they even thinking at all at this… Continue reading 4 reasons why HIMYM’s ending destroyed the series.

Snow in his Eyes.

He was right behind me. I could see his eyes from where I was hidden. They say evil has red eyes signifying pure evil. Hell. But his eyes, they were different. They were blue, almost like the desert around me. Almost like Paradise. But they didn’t bore those kind amiable and angelic eyes. He wanted… Continue reading Snow in his Eyes.