Doodle Jump: The Creepy Game with a Hidden Meaning.

I first played Doodle Jump two years back in my old Nokia 5233. But as the mobile got crap, the game lagged and I couldn’t play it much. Then I played the game again in my Micromax Canvas 2, but as mobile got crap (the mobile started touching itself so much, it lost control and fainted) I couldn’t play it again. I installed Doodle Jump one more time in my new Sony Xperia L and couldn’t stop playing it.

Doodle Jump is an endless game where you escort your little alien fellow to the vast expanse of the universe by jumping on platforms and avoiding monsters on the way. If you fall off a platform, get hit by a monster, or get sucked into a black hole you die. If you get abducted by a mysterious UFO that appears out of nowhere, you die.   But to make the little alien fellow motivated to continue reaching his ultimate endless goal, there are boosts which take you higher faster. There are springs, propeller hats, jetpacks and big rockets. I guess I’ve already wasted my time explaining this game when the whole world knows about it. If you’re one of them who don’t know about this game, well, you’re living in a cave, my friend.

After playing more than 350 games in five days, and 60 today itself, I realised I should write about it too.  The tiny ever hopeful alien who wishes to fulfil his dreams needs to get recognition for its efforts.

The themes in the game are quite enjoyable. Every theme has a new set of background, power ups (but they do the same thing, they just look different) and monsters. (which you already know again.) My favourites are Space, Underwater and Easter because I make my high-scores in these three themes mostly. My current high-score after playing 376 games (with a total play time of 5h:46m:22s) is 40,271 (yes, I know it is pretty less. Yes. But its all about enjoying the game and not about getting high-scores right? Right?)  with an average high-score of 10,521. I have unlocked 6 achievements (which are quite the easy ones I suppose.)

Moving on with the blog, because you aren’t interested in my useless stats and my half intention of showing off (half intention because these cannot be called as achievements. Though it can be for the noobs. So, half intention.)

This game is CREEPY. Am I mad? Do I get freaked out more than a three year old cry baby? Believe me when I tell you. This game is creepy when you think about it. It’s about an alien left all alone in an endless world filled with dirty monsters who don’t even want to help the poor fellow. Even the fellow UFO’s try to abduct him. And the monsters keep on coming, the UFO’s keep on coming. There are black holes even underwater! How would you feel if you’re left in space all alone with evil monsters and UFO backstabbers? Just imagine yourself in the place of the alien one time. Imagine you’re in an FPS game. Think how you’d jump all these platforms, boost and get dizzy when you reach so high. You wouldn’t even see where you started from. You can’t even look above to see those monsters coming. And moreover you have to rely on your instincts and shoot bullets, eggs, rocks and what not from your freaking nose. That must HURT.  The little alien still doesn’t give up.

Moreover, the monsters are creepy. Look at them. They are deformed and even monsters from Monster’s Inc would look normal. Look at them. I have gone as far as taking screenshots for you.

Look at that…that coral thing!

Look at that Christmas tree monster. He can be the most deadly monster there is during Christmas and eat up everyone in disguise. Even that tiny evil snowflake monster. (I tried my best taking the screenshot of the Christmas monster dude, and I was finally able to take it just before I died.)

Insidious christmas tree monster dude.

These guys don’t even care. They just jump and roll around. Looks can be deceiving as they have an innocent smile which is creepy. Those sadists.

Besides that, I have been having crazy Doodle Jump dreams since I started playing it all day long. Whenever I close my eyes to sleep, I feel as if I’m jumping on those platforms. Good thing, the monsters have not yet entered my dreams. (I guess I just jinxed myself now.)

Moreover, I had an epiphany yesterday when I was playing the game at night after reading the novel called The Cat’s Table by Michael Ondaatje (you should read it!) Just before reaching a new high-score I glance at my current score at the top of the screen. I become conscious and die. I don’t know if this happens only to me, but whenever I see the scores I get conscious of my playing and die. Similar thing happens in life, when you get conscious of where you’re at, you start thinking about it and drift away. (If you realise you have a sad life, you get concious, meaning, you get drifted into the sadness of that thought. If you realise you’re happy, sometimes you only see happiness everywhere even when a few around you are sad.) I don’t know if it’s a direct relation but this was what my epiphany was about.

And another thing I came across while playing the game was as you go on higher and higher, the monsters keep on coming, the platforms keep on flowing faster and the gaps are higher. The gaps, sometimes, looks solid but crack when you jump on it. Same way in life, as you go ahead, the monsters will keep on coming, UFO’s will try to abduct you, the platforms will move faster and the gaps get higher (metaphor intended.)

The little alien fellow teaches us to never give up and stay determined to achieve our endless dreams even though it seems unreachable. See, Doodle Jump has this hidden meaning. We can learn a great deal through this little alien fellow.  He’s a role model.

I’m going to the Moooooon.


The little alien fellow might just be a serial killer who kills those innocent monsters playing and jumping around in cold blood avoiding the police UFO’s. That can be it too.

Evil little alien fellow.

– The Moonshaker


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