The Little Supervillain who wanted to Rule the World.

‘The all in one gun is my evil masterpiece.’

I had written this little piece a year back for my college magazine. Here’s an edited version.

People always called me weird when I was a kid. When everybody wanted to become a superhero, I wanted to be a supervillain. There was something I really liked about these evil geniuses. A superhero only rescued people and saved the city. For me, that was boring. I wanted to be different, and super villains were different. They not only spread evil across the city, but knew different artistic ways of spreading it. How? A villain could brainwash people and control them. He could take the whole city as hostage. He could plant a bomb and scare the brains out of people to get whatever he wanted. He could trick and manipulate people so that they would obey him. Or he could just transform people into animals or make them small as an ant to avoid any trouble with his magnificent gun.

Everybody is afraid of a supervillain, even a superhero sometimes. He has a plan, enters the scene, and causes mayhem in just seconds. That’s all it takes to make the whole world afraid of him. With this, he even gets attention. Everyone gets to know about his plans, and ruthlessness through his great speech. He creates an image, a picture in the minds of people which would never be forgotten. And nobody dares to challenge him. Even the superhero has to think twice before taking a step ahead. He has to be alert and cautious. Without a plan, even he could be in danger. Not to forget, his family and friends too, if a supervillain learns about them. That’s what a supervillain tries to do to make the superhero weak. Get hold of his loved ones, and there you have it. An angry, weak, desperate and a frightened super hero.

When I was a ten year old, I always wanted to be Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Everybody wanted to become Goku those days, but none of them wanted to become Vegeta. He did become good in the later episodes, but the arch enemy of Goku always fascinated me.

The Master Super Villain
Everybody fear for the villain is here.

I always imagined being a super villain with long hair, a black eye patch and a blue cape. Back in those days, when I hated going to school, I would imagine myself having an ‘all in one’ gun; a gun which could do just about anything. Hit people, shock people, control people, and transform people and the things around them. I used this gun to control all the teachers. I would target every single one of them with my gun and voila, they were the ones who were studying. I would brain wash them in such a way that they thought they were the students and had to study.  They had to go through the same torture as we did. And what did I love the most? I made them study maths…all day long.

I once hatched an evil master plan to take over the entire city. I wanted people to obey me and fear me. I would use my gun to trap the city under a big dome. (which was surprisingly the plot in The Simpsons movie, and Under the Dome) That way, even people travelling in aeroplanes and trains would be trapped. Next, I would create a giant robot with my ‘all in one’ gun to create chaos. I would make people as small as ants and as skinny as a leaf so they would be powerless. “The city is mine. I’m a step closer to rule the whole world!” I would shout.

– The Moonshaker


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