I wrote this one during a lecture in college. Took me around thirty minutes to write. Its nothing special, maybe I’ll use this in one of my short stories. Its unedited.

He was driving on a busy lane. It was half past seven, though he was surprised to find hardly any cars. He did not mind it anyway. Luck was on his side. He could easily drive away with his catch. His countenance appeared calm again. He regained his composure. ‘I almost got killed there. Damn, that fucker. You always find a nutcrack like that one everywhere.’ He hit the throttle and started speeding a bit above the limit. He was wondering how fast he could get to his next stop. ‘No traffic, 35 miles. Around an hour. Damn, I almost made it.’

At the second junction that connected the suburbs and the city, his eyes caught danger. ‘Coppers. Act cool. Not even an hour left. But man, how many are those fucks here anyway?’ He could see three cars to his right, and four Ford Crowns to his left. ‘Around eight I guess.’ He thought scanning his surrounding would keep him cool, but the danger crashed right in front of him. He did not see the Cobalt that was slowing down, and rammed his car right against it. He was driving a good twenty miles an hour, and a loud crash was inevitable.

‘What in the fuck’s sake? Get out of the car, asshole.’ Big mistake. Wrong guy to crash onto. And just at the wrong time. To feel luck was with him this time. He had to move, but it was quite impossible now. He was on the middle lane behind the red light. ‘Act cool. Act cool. You got this.’ The cops noticed the crash and were coming to the scene.
‘Get out. Get the fuck out.’ The guy was standing right besides his window.
‘What is wrong with him?’
He got out of the car and got punched right in the face. He almost fell to the ground but regained himself back quickly. ‘What the fuck? This guy has to go.’
He punched him back and broke his jaw and kicked him against his own car.
‘Fuck. I have to scram. Why couldn’t I just control him and put an end to that bastard?’

‘Sir, get out of your car.’ Not again.
This time it was the coppers. But he knew what he had to do know. ‘It’s showtime.’
‘Getting out.’
‘Get your hands above where I can see them.’
‘No, you won’t.’
‘Sir, get your hands above your head.’
‘No, you won’t.’ Ass.
No.’ With his eyes turning red a little late than he had expected, he gave the copper a look that made his nose bleed. The cop was struggling to speak.
‘I won’t raise my hands.’
‘…Okay, Sir.’ The copper obeyed.
‘And you too, all of you. See that guy over there. Arrest him. He’s a nut. Look what he did to me…and my car.’
‘Tony, get him in the car.’ A copper told.
‘Wait…what the fuck-?’ the man was perplexed still unable to move.
Done. I fucking did it.

‘Where was I? Ah, my next catch is just a few miles away. I should get the hell out of here.’


-The Moonshaker


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