That 70s Post

From America, to Satan, to music.

Across Polyethylene

It is almost surprising to note that, looking back from today, the 70s were not thirty years ago, but forty. An era that saw the world turn around on so many fronts, the decade has formed a firm base to the society, economy, political scenario and the pop-culture of day and age.

A quick look at Wikipedia will tell you that the 70s has mostly been a prosperous time with booming economy(which suffered during the Oil Crisis, but recuperated soon after,) the various forms of liberalism, atomic energy, feminism, increasing political awareness and environmental consciousness. The seventies also saw the fall of the hippie subculture that had begun years ago. But their ways, and their philosophy were here to stay.

As a person who was born twenty years later, most of what I have learnt about that time is from whatever remains: the pop culture, or to be more preciseā€¦

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