3’o Clock Ramblings: The Perfect WordPress Theme

Lowering the brightness to a minimum (because writing in a bright white screen is a difficult task) and high with caffeine, my mind is rambling. Someday when you’re high with coffee and have nothing to do, your mind becomes restless. Especially if its 3.00 AM. With nothing to read (although I see LOTS of books in front of me), nothing to write (although there are LOTS of ideas in my mind) my mind is now in a rambling mode. There’s a third option of playing my guitar but that’s a whole different story.

My mind, now, is rambling about the ‘perfect’ WordPress theme.

Its been a month since I joined the site and I’ve published 13 posts on my really cool Trvl theme, but the problem arises when I contemplate about its design. Being a marketing student, you tend to focus on the readability aspect and the look and design. After all, as one of my teachers told ‘Even you are a product, and even you market yourselves.’ And indeed he is right. An example? In job interviews, we market ourselves, we highlight our positives to get selected. Same with a blog. The blog is one means to market ourselves to the world. And therefore, its important to focus on the design and the look of the blog as well, and not only the content.

Isn't it the coolest?
Isn’t it the coolest?

I thought the perfect blog for me was the Trvl theme. C’mon everybody has to admit, it has the coolest header ever. It fit my username perfectly. And it was good for beginners. But after publishing more than ten posts, I thought ‘was it really the perfect theme?’ for I found a few flaws which made me think again. The theme does not have a side bar. In some cases it is good, but its important that one gets to see the sidebar much often. A reader might just have a look at it for less than five seconds and he might just be interested in some of your posts. (Yes, see my sidebar now.) The Trvl had only a footer widget bar. The footer bar is good and bad. Good because the blog remains undisturbed and bad because people might not even notice the widgets way down. Also Trvl theme didn’t have dropboxes in menus (as far as I know.)

So after much thought I changed my ‘perfect’ theme although after much hesitation. After going through many themes for a few days, yes, for a few days, because WordPress has hundreds of themes, I chose Zoren. It had a neat design, a simple sidebar and the font was good as well. But then I realised the look didn’t suit my username at all. The theme’s simple white-grey look didn’t suit ‘THE MOONSHAKER’ although it went well with my content. It was a great look for short stories and reviews. So I went back to Trvl. But then, I tried many other themes I forgot. I activated few theme for an hour and two then went back to Trvl.

But now, after not blogging for ten days, my mind needed something new. I don’t know whether it was a new blog post or a new theme. I thought it was the later one. So today I changed my theme again. After going through the themes for thirty minutes, I chose Untitled. Although the blog doesn’t have a header title, it has a cool header which fits my username and it has a cool sidebar as well. The font is big and goes with my content as well. But then I realised this theme was meant for photography purposes. And then I started preferring my old blog again. But I haven’t changed it yet. Maybe I will after posting this, maybe I won’t. I’m even beginning to think the theme is too bright.

My search for the perfect blog continues. I look for the day when I find a theme which suits my username as well as my content.

– The Moonshaker

P.S. Ah, Trvl – Love will tear us apart again.

P.S.2. Maybe I’m thinking too much, Coffee. Y U do this?

P.S.3. If you have any cool theme recommendations, do tell me.


2 thoughts on “3’o Clock Ramblings: The Perfect WordPress Theme

  1. I just went through this pain today. I previously used the Koi theme and today, chose The Choco Theme.
    Choco: For someone as indecisive as me, I like that there are three standard color schemes. That way, when I (inevitably) get bored of my theme (again), I can just switch to a different color scheme instead of spending four hours searching the themes.

    I agree – new posts are the better idea.

  2. Looks like I’m not the only one who is most indecisive haha. And looking from the content of your blog, the theme actually suits it.
    And as for me, I’m STILL searching. I changed from Untitled to Origin and seems I’ll stick to it for a while.

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