3’o clock Ramblings: A Quirky Twist.

As my mind was again rambling on and on due to caffeine, it took a U-turn and strayed away even more to a place of gibberish-ness. I don’t know what made my mind to start acting like that, but it went on and on thinking about quirky (stupid?) alternate names to everyday objects around me. So I picked up my notebook and started writing these ‘alternate’ names in pitch darkness. (I could have turned the lights on, but oh, my restless mind.)

  1. The conversation avoider utility thingy – Headphones.
  2. The wooden writer – Pencil.
  3. The ‘like a sir’ writer – Ink Pen.
  4. The butt rester – Chair.
  5. The small rectangular room of awkwardness – Elevator.
  6.  The affectionate curtain when we are wet – Shower curtain.
  7. The real chick magnet – Ryan Gosling. no. A guitar.no. A chick’s mother.
  8. Nosy woman who ended an era – Yoko Ono.
  9. Open Adventurer, literally – A nudist.
  10. Big blue toilet – A pool.
  11. Virtual ‘soap’ genre show – Facebook.
  12. The youngest tripper ever – Alice (in Wonderland).
  13. The overprotective stone – Paper Weight.
  14. The over affectionate ring of death – Marriage ring.
  15. The instant British converter word – ‘Bloody hell’.
  16. The electric device which always wants to hook-up – USB cable.
  17. The ever hopeful software – WinRar.
  18. The place of regret – Hair parlour.
  19. A social outcast trying to join in – Internet Explorer.
  20. Easy Douchebag finder – Parking area.

– The Moonshaker

P.S. Don’t blame me if you regard this as a stupid post. Blame my mind who is addicted to coffee. If it doesn’t find anything to work upon when it is high, it becomes restless.

P.S.2. Sometimes its better to take a break from serious writing. Oh, oh.


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