Do I need them? No, I WANT them.

Human wants are unlimited. There is not a single person who says he is satisfied with what he has and that he doesn’t want anything else. And yes, some people would say they don’t NEED anything else. Need is different from wants. In simple words (in my words) Wants are our desires, what we actually crave for and wish to have and Needs are those basic things which you NEED to have in order to survive or in order to meet the circumstances of your situation that you’re in. For instance, needs are food, house and clothes. Wants are Italian food, a luxurious apartment, or the shirt you just saw today at the mall but you ran away after seeing the price tag.

Just when you think you are satisfied, new wants arise. So, wants are unlimited no matter who the person is. Moreover, they vary in intensity and its importance is subject to change as well.

Bored? I thought so. Enough of explanation. Coming to the purpose of this blog.

Online shopping and their wicked schemes.

These online shopping sites are making me crazy. With all their discounts and sales, I’ve been lured into the wilderness of these sites with their schemes. All these discounts and everyday sale are affecting my mind, trying to control it. They want to influence my mind, manipulate it so that I buy their stuff. That’s one of the main missions of marketing. Lure the customer in with these appealing (delicious!) schemes.

I’m a regular visitor of where I mostly buy books and games often. It proved to be a good site. When I run out of books to read, I order them online and receive it in a jiffy. Book complete. Want complete. New book wanted. Want complete. But then I got lured in. This insidious website was controlling me all along. After coming to know that this vicious site had everyday discounts, instead of ordering just a book or two, I ordered 4-5 books at once. Money saved all right. But was it worth it? From these books, I only read 2 as those were the once I wanted to read first. The other books, which were heavily discounted as well were suddenly shifted to my on-hold bookshelf. Why? Because I lost interest in reading them. I ordered some more books, and read a couple and put the rest on my on-hold bookshelf. Now, I have 15 books still to read but I crave to read something else. I’m sure I’d buy a few more books apart from what I really want and put them in the on-hold bookshelf. And who knows? I might switch to reading a completely different book from my family book cabinet.

Scumbag Brain
Scumbag Brain
...strikes again.
…strikes again.

Flipakart has also another manipulative scheme to make more money. Now they charge Rs.50 for shipping charges if the order is under Rs.500. Previously it was just Rs.20 for orders under Rs.300 (if I remember correctly). Now I’m anxious to avoid paying an additional Rs.50 for my orders by purchasing stuff more than Rs.500. I could have just purchased a book for Rs.250 and paid an additional Rs.50 to get it at Rs.300. But now I’m  making my orders reach Rs.500 so I can avoid the shipping charges not realising I kind of wasted Rs. 200 just by avoiding Rs.50. Marketing at its best. When you don’t even have a want, they create a new want in your mind and control you. I get lured in so easily, and I’m a marketing student. Hah!

But now I’m avoiding this situation just by switching sites from time to time. But eventually, shifting back to Flipkart again because of their good services. I even feel its best to pay Rs.50 to get your orders safely and quickly then to waste a few more days to get your order which you’ve placed from another site.

New wants arise when you find something more appealing and sometimes the intensity of that want is more than the want you earlier had. I stumbled upon a home decor site today called I’ve always been interested in home decor and especially after fulfilling my dreams virtually in The Sims 3. So going through these sites, I came across some really cool wallpapers. I always wanted to paint my room but the answer would only be a disappointing NO. I wasn’t sure my city had wallpapers at the local stores so I didn’t think about it much but by finding wallpapers online, and thinking i could have them, one more want, a new want slithered above my want list. Beanbags made their way above as well after I saw their affordable price. Just when I thought of buying them, I realised that I already had a top want when it came to a costly purchase. A guitar pedal. So I had to struck the wallpaper out of my want list for now. The beanbag which crept above my want list also made its way down again.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll find something else which I want to buy. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe day after. But for now, two things are on my top want list. The first (and always will be) guitar equipments and secondly, books.

I might buy a beanbag anyway. I do have a reason for buying that. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. Sigh.

– The Moonshaker


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