The Little Wild Chronicles: I’m your Leader.

I was a wild kid back then, always energetic, loud mouthed, sometimes annoying, and of course foolish. (Everyone is when they are a kid!) And like any other kid, my childhood was filled with extraordinary adventures, discoveries, and exploration. I had the entire city as my playground while today’s kids are getting spoiled by cellphones, computers, Ben10 and Doraemon. I was a kid ready to do anything and was not at all scared at exploring new places, leaving my apartment behind with my friends. And I was not LAZY. I was the exact opposite of what I am right now. I was always running, I loved paying cricket and always scored, I loved playing NES games, board games, trading cards with my friends, seeing television together, exploring some parts of town together (sometimes we rode on cycles and sometimes we walked!) and the list can go on and on and on.

Most of my adventures took place from 1 std to 4th std (1st grade to 4th grade). I had good times in kindergarten as well but I don’t remember much of those days. Sometimes I feel if I hadn’t moved to a new city, my adventures would have continued but now I’m pretty sure that moving to a big city (the city I’m living in) was the best decision.

The Badass Leader.

I was always the leader in my group of friends, the gang which we called it. I always took the lead, led my gang through town and sometimes through the school playground. My friends would always march behind me in school during recess when we loafed around the orchards, the main courtyard and the back buildings. I was a freakin’ badass tyke. I would even banish some of my friends from my gang. And as we were kids, we always helped each other. Even though I was an annoying ass sometimes, my friends were glued to me when I had my first accident in school. I had injured my head but was surrounded by my gang who had skipped their classes to be with me. I even saw some of my sister’s friends (my sister was in the same school) and some of my seniors who were my neighbours as well. We really took care of each other. When I was sick, I was forced by my pals to take medicine and when my mum would come to pick me up halfway through a class, the whole section would come to know that I had gone home early. When I think about it now, I was the popular ‘good’ guy although, again…an ass. But, all kids are annoying and loud, right?


The epic Kamehameha wave.

I had a small group of friends at my colony too. Sometimes we went about with each other and sometimes we mingled with other friends and play cricket. My three good friends, which even included my then best friend made our own Dragon Ball Z team. We were madly, MADLY in love with DBZ. (I still am.) Though we had tons of repeats, and the season didn’t continue after the Namek saga, we pretended to be characters from the anime and had our own fights. Heck, we even knew every little word from many episodes (especially when Goku made his epic entry to Earth to fight Vegeta and Napa. We imitated the scene where Goku lifts the huge Napa in one hand hundreds of times!) I was of course, Goku and my friend was well…Goku, too. The other guy was Krillin and sadly, my best friend was not an avid fan of DBZ. (very sad.) We used to have Goku vs Goku fights where we used our Kaioken and Kamehameha at each other. We used to shout loudly like Goku did, and we even made our friends raise their hands to give energy for the Spirit Bomb. It felt like we had undergone training with King Kai as well.

That’s my Spot

I was a little bitch.

While we were playing NES, I was always Player 1 and had the privileges of choosing what game to play. Being the leader again, I always sat on the hot front seat in my school auto rikshaaw, besides the driver. The driver was a man in his late 30s and early 40s. We always discussed cricket and WWF wrestling which was an exclusive when Ten Sports started on television.  I even had the privileges to sit at the corner seat instead of sitting on the long wooden seat opposite of the luxurious cushion seat.

My Army

This was how the card looked like. Well, kind of. It didn’t have a picture. And it didn’t have the logo. And it was black and white. With an inbuilt MS Word border. You get the picture.

During the late 90s and early 00s, G.I. Joe figures arrived at the stalls. We all became huge G.I. Joe fans even before the cartoon series aired on television. I made my own G.I. Joe army with all my neighbour friends. With the help of my mum, I printed G.I. Joe ID cards and gave it to all my friends. I didn’t give it to my enemies, of course. This made my enemy friends unhappy and after their apology, I gave them their IDs too. I was Lifeline. I thought he was some powerful dude but turned out he was just a weakling who carried a suitcase. I don’t remember who my friends were. I had printed 15-20 cards and only remember mine. Strange.

The Little Wild Chronicles (I couldn’t get a better title) will continue. More adventures to come. More chronicles to be written.

– The Moonshaker


2 thoughts on “The Little Wild Chronicles: I’m your Leader.

  1. Reminds me of my own childhood when my friends and I wandered off into a hill near school and inadvertently missed the next few periods.
    I don’t remember being reprimanded for that, although I do remember that I had managed to pick up a few pale looking twigs in the sort-of-dense forest and convince my friends that they were the finger-bones of some dead dinosaur from around there.

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