The Little Wild Chronicles: Arch Enemies

The chronicles continue.

Oh, I was a badass leader as a kid but I was even good at throwing tantrums and sometimes these  tantrums included several little wild punches and kicks.

It all started when I was five years old, in kindergarten. Loud and wild as I was, I always ran around in classrooms with my friends pretending I was a tiger. I was part of the pack. Some of my other friends tagged along as hunters. It was all fun and games until the teacher caught us in the act. She made everyone kneel down on the floor, everyone except for a kid who the teacher thought was so innocent, he wouldn’t hurt a goat.

And that was the time I made my first and last arch enemy.

Battle in the Volcano

Now, I was the hunter, and he was my prey. Coming to think of it now, he really was as innocent as the teacher described him, but all kids are wild, right? Even my arch enemy, M, had his hidden motives to bring me down. Sometimes we would slap each other, sometimes we would push each other, and sometimes I even acted as the hero trying to save my girl (I was too hardcore, I even had a girl) from the villain. But now, I’m pretty sure it was me who was the villain. *sudden realisation*

If only I was good at Photoshop, then I could have made an awesome image of the exact scene.

My acts on rescuing my girl went on. Even at home. Before I discovered all the memes, gags and rage comics in the internet, I was pretty darn sure I was the ONLY one who pretended that the floor was lava. I WAS DARN SURE,  Repeat. I thought I was the only one. But the internet made me realise that I really didn’t have any unique qualities, that I was just a small socially awkward speck in the crowd. But anyways, at home I always pretended that the floor was lava and jumped from sofa to sofa, sofa to chair, chair to sofa and then back. I was at the edge of a bursting volcano with my friends, struggling to escape. But we were hot on pursuit. M, was always close behind trying to get me and push me to my death. But it was only him who faced death as he fell into the lava. My heroic move was to rescue my girl first, and then pushing M down to his fate. Boy, was I adventurous.

Although after changing my class the next year, I still made enemies. I wouldn’t see M anymore, but I had made an enemy with a 2nd grader. Being in kindergarten (Sr. Kg), these 2nd graders seemed so huge, and I always detested how they treated they treated us. But like M, I was the one to win the round again as I had defeated my 2nd grader enemy with my bare hands. I still remember it. It was after school, while we were going back home. The battle started just before we sat on the auto rikshaw. But we became friends the next day itself, and strangely, even though M was my arch enemy, we did have a few pleasant chats.

There were a few more action sequences when I was a kid which mostly involved punches, and roundhouse kicks (inspired by Street Fighter) and plastic guns (we all had those guns, the air guns with little harmless plastic bullets in them). I had my last wild tantrum a decade ago and believe me, I wouldn’t hurt a fly now. It’s impossible to kill them.

Its funny how carefree I was those days. I feared nothing and conquered everything. I wasn’t scared of anyone and I even hailed myself as a hero. If I ever come across a time machine, I’d be sure to bring along popcorn and watch my tantrums with M. It would be a cool action flick.

– The Moonshaker


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