Adventure Awaits

I wrote this for my college annual magazine.  The theme is What’s your O2? (related to Passion) My first submission as an alumni. 

When the last of his furniture was finally placed in the living room, the man sat down sighing in relief after paying the movers for their job well done. The most uneasy part was now behind him, but the most tiresome part was just in front of him – making this little warehouse of a place his new home. He had quite some time on his shoulders for his new job began only a week after, so he decided to unpack at his own pace. But to his own surprise, he started working on it without wasting another second. Hither and thither he went and it took him two full days to finally settle down. He didn’t celebrate just yet because one job still remained – to sell all the unwanted stuff on scrap. But before going to the dealer, he inspected his carton one last time. Buried under all the ugly and broken marble statues, useless antiques and his old clothes, his eye caught an old, torn notebook. Picking it up, his eyes went wide after reading the title. It was an old journal which he had made six years ago. He had made it when he was in college to list down all his achievements and dreams. Wondering why he had thrown it away, he cursed himself and opened his prized possession for a journey back in time.

Flicking through the pages, he came across one which had a photo of him performing live in a small show. The man had always been obsessed with his guitar. What was born as a hobby nearly turned into his profession when he was offered a job as a band manager for one of the rising indie bands. But as things didn’t turn out the way he wanted, he had to give up his dream opportunity. But that didn’t take a toll over him. He was still happy performing in small shows and never missed a chance to learn more. Though he couldn’t find many people with his same tastes, he still didn’t stop composing his own music and was satisfied with the amount of views he always got on his covers online. Although his dream was shattered and he saw others marching ahead of him, what drove him foreword was his love for music. The man had taken extra precaution while packing his instruments and smiled contently at that thought.

Another page had a photo which he always cherished. He considered it his greatest achievement by far. Writing a book was a painful struggle and just as the main was about to lose hope, his work caught the eyes of a big publisher. Even though his book was not a bestseller, the man hardly flinched. Selling half a thousand of copies was more than he had ever wished. His love for writing was one of his earliest passions beginning from the day his mother started reading him an Enid Blyton story. His passion was one of the main reasons he was here, in a completely new city, far away from home, to start a fresh job in a publishing firm.

He came across a torn page in the middle of the book which left him in awe. It was an old photo taken two decades ago of him and his friends on the riverside. The photo brought back so many memories that it was hard for him to believe how drastic things had changed. As a child, the man was always hungry for an adventure and his appetite brought him and his friends to places they had never seen before in their part of town. The man remembered how they loved exploring these mysterious places and encountering strange people along the way. He remembered how they had adopted a stray dog and gave its own home, of how they pedalled across the riverside in stormy rains without a thing to worry about, of how they found a horrible skull of a dead animal near the deserted alley. Recalling all these memories suddenly made him gloomy for he realised that he couldn’t even remember the last time he had a big adventure. Exploring new places and encountering strange events, was a thing he had actually forgotten to experience over the years, and the yearn for adventure had become just a mere memory – like the journal he was holding, old, torn, and forgotten. Pondering over the sad thought, he soon realised why the page was torn. Flipping the page around, he read two words which he had written in big, sloppy handwriting, ‘Adventure Awaits!’ Shedding a tearful smile, he realised that he had been on an adventure all along – and coming to a strange, distant land far away from home to start a new chapter in his life, was his biggest adventure by far.

The man closed his journal, placed it on his table, and with two pumping words waited for his adventure to take him to new places – ‘Adventure Awaits.’

– Viveck

P.S. Coincidentally, this week’s challenge is also similar. So, by tradition, here’s the link.


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