Run, RUN! The Cheesy-ness will kill us all!

Considering that I’ve only written 20 or so blogs, I really didn’t come across any post that I had my doubts on. The Daily Post hadn’t inspired me to write anything yet (it has now!?) because I already had a list of things I wanted to write on. If I think the idea is too cheesy, then I write it in my diary. If I…wait, you didn’t hear that. Diary? Ha. I don’t own a diary. C’mon a 22 year old who has a diary. Well, I have a journal not a diary. Wait.

Moving on…

I did have my doubts on a particular post of mine that I published anyway. It’s a poem that I had written a long long time back called Runaway. I had my doubts because I thought it was too gooey-cheesy for my blog. But then I figured, hey, my blog is FABULOUS! And the poem was actually received pretty well considering there are many poets in WordPress. I’m still thinking of making it into a song to remove its cheesy-ness. Hope I do it one day.

Here’s the piece.

P.S. To my regular readers, (yells from back of the crowd) hello again, I’m back from the grave after 20 days. This is my longest gap yet. I hope to keep you entertained (boy, this sudden confidence is weird.)

– Viveck

The Daily Post



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