The Little Wild Chronicles: Mutant kangaroos riding Bicycles

There I was again having a time of my life with another adventure. It seems my childhood was filled with exciting unforgettable adventures since I moved to that new place. I was not shy, and more of an outgoing kid so I made friends easily, and without a sweat. As my old house was near a vast open valley, you can call it a no-man’s land, we couldn’t resist exploring these unknown places.

It all started when I got my new big bike. I was tired of my same goody goody white girly cycle (which looked like this) and when I was totally a part of the pack who had big boys bike, my adventures began. This was just before I acquired my leadership status in the gang. I had a Me Gusta face for many days as I loved every part of my new bike.  And that was the first time I cycled outside my house and I still don’t know why it was a big deal to me. I remember going to the neighbourhood buildings with my friends and venturing into more inner alleys until we came to a big dead-end. Maybe it was the thrill – that first time thrill – when one does something new. I still remember how I was one of the very few who saw English movies those days, and was intensely describing how I loved every bit of The Road to El Dorado. (It still is one of the best movies ever made!!!

We could have been these totally badass beasts.

Further adventures, led me to wild and dangerous places filled with chemicals. (Wait, did I talk about this in my previous blog? I’m having some sort of deja vu all of a sudden.) Me along with my gang explored this mass no-man’s land which had a chemical river flowing in between. My old town was an industrial hub, so you could picture a coloured river – pinkish blue – with papers and plastic. We didn’t mind how dirty it was, we didn’t mind getting infected and becoming mutant kangaroos, we were mesmerized by the way the river looked in itself. It felt we were in some distant planet, those planets which came in cartoons which we used to see in Power Zone. We had enough brains to not go for a dip in our naked bodies. We traveled across the river, to find an animal graveyard! It wasn’t exactly a graveyard, but it had many-many-many-many bones. Boy, we were shocked to find an actual skull of a pig lying just in front of us and ran for it. (Maybe it was Snowball.)

We even felt it was the after effect of the chemical in the river. They must have dipped their noses in it and voila, Mr. Boney pig. But now that I think of it, the pig must have been killed by wild dogs and eaten horribly alive. Oh, my cruel present mind.

This shall go on until my brain gets annoyed by my adventures. If you liked it, do check my old posts from The Little Wild Chronicles. Until then, adventure awaits.

– Viveck


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