It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s a satellite dish man!

I was out of town for a few days in a city called Surat, about 150 kilometers from my place. The main reason of my trip was to arrange my new house there. It turned out to be a good visit, but most of the time I was busy running around the house, buying groceries, cleaning and dusting. Of the three days, two days were spent cleaning and maintaining the house!


We had to buy a new set top box for the television. After an impulsive Airtel dish purchase, we waited for the person to bring all the equipment for setting it up. Two people arrived with the satellite dish, and a bag full of tools, wires and a heavy driller. The first part was to position the television so that the wires could be brought into the room from the terrace. After the initial set up, I went to the terrace with the two workers.

The top of the 12 storey building was windy! The sun was directly above us but it was not scorching hot. I felt like I was a part of a heist where three people go to the terrace, drill a hole, rig things up, and rappel down and steal things. GTAV! There was no one on the terrace, and the people went on with their work. The second part was to fix the dish on the wall and send the wires down to my room – on the 4th floor. Way down. They started their work by drilling four holes on the wall for the dish with their loud driller. All the time, I kept having a watch over the gates for somebody to peep in. It felt exciting to see them at their work.

Imagine this guy without any helmet, without any goggles, without the ladder on the railing of the terrace of a 12 storey building.

One man even stood on the low terrace walls to drill the holes. The other guy told him to be careful and not look down, and he jumped above like it was hardly a thing to worry about. Squatting on the wall with no support, he continued drilling. It was a daring act. The terrace was itself very windy, and he had a 12 story drop just inches beside him. I was standing tightly behind him, slightly nervous and imagining the worst. I didn’t ask him anything, didn’t tell him to be more careful, I just stood there watching him do his regular day’s job.

Some dish’s could be fixed on the balconies or on the side of the walls, but some of them are on the edge of the terrace where a person has to fix it up by standing at the edge without any support. I wonder how they manage to put it up on tall skyscrapers hovering over more than 30 storeys. It felt like those days when a person painted the hoardings in the streets with just a scaffolding to support him.

After twenty minutes there, we went to the house again and they started connecting the dish to the television – more drillings! The loud thing must have echoed all the way around the entire residence. After another twenty minutes, they were all done and went with their dough. And the television started – magic!

It’s interesting how all things work via satellite. Mobiles, internet, television, telephones. It may seem like nothing at all, but the people behind it have to undergo a dangerous work procedure to make these things work.

– Viveck


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