A Beginner’s Guide to Let’s Play

…by a newly addicted viewer of Let’s Play.

Gameplay commentaries are a thing in YouTube. Some channels are so big that people have taken their hobbies of uploading videos as their career. For people who don’t know what Let’s Play is, its just a gameplay walkthrough but with live funny commentary. It can not only help you with the game, but these guys even show you games which you can’t afford or don’t have the time to play (like me!) I don’t have any console except an old PS2, and through these videos I remain in touch with the current gen.

I first came across a Let’s Play video a few months back, during May, and since then I’ve been hooked. YouTube for me was only music videos, guitar covers and funny cat videos, but now its also about gameplay walkthroughs which I’m now a huge fan of.



The first Let’s Play guy I came across (and the best) was theRadBrad. He has over a 1000 videos and usually plays the big main releases on consoles and PC. He has over 50 completed series in his channel. Brad is a simple, friendly guy, having over a million subscribers. His simple personality with his quirky catchphrases will have you clicking the Like button in an instant. Moreover, he thanks his viewer in each and every video (to the point where it becomes an annoyance too, but no one minds at all.)

His recent series of GTAV has over 70 videos and it’s the first full series I had completed with him. Check the first video of GTAV to get a glimpse of his commentary. He even plays a bit of indie games and has rage videos on his own. His trials evolution video lets you know how he his when he goes crazy.

He even plays games with his girlfriend which is even more hilarious. Example.

The best part of his channel is that even the comments are clean. I have seen only a few douches with hate comments. If you want to get into Let’s Play and be in touch with new releases, then this is the channel to be in.

Oh, his arch enemies are chairs!



You can’t go around YouTube without knowing who PewDiePie is. This Swedish Let’s Play uploader has a world record of having the most subscribed channel in YouTube with over 14 million subscribers. He is best known for his horror games from where he had started his career (Amnesia). He mostly plays indie games unlike theRadBrad, and is known for his crude commentary. Check out his Funny Montage to get a glimpse of his commentary.

He is loud and gets scared pretty easily which sometimes hurts your ears when you’re on your headphones. But his videos are hilarious and he is a kind guy too despite his ever crude commentary. He calls his subscribes his bros and always ends his videos with a brofist.

He even does vlogs and plays games with his girlfriend too. Even she has a channel of her own, CutiePieMarzia. A fashion/food channel.

PewDiePie usually has his videos with his friends too. Check CinnamonToastKen (plays Pokemon X,Y) Cryaotic and TheRPGMinx (British lady!)

And his arch enemies are barrels!



The hilarious British nerd that I recently came across. He is best known for his simulator videos and provides a hysterical laugh in each one of them. He’s not crude like PewDiePie and sticks to simple humour and acts like a kid with his voice overs and moans and groans. His Train Simulator 2014 video is the funniest video I came across in his channel along with the even more funnier WWE video.

If you like to have a good laugh with those crappy simulator games, then this is the place to be. He even plays small Steam games and indie games as well.

He calls his subscribers Procrastinators and has over a million subscribers. He has two more channels, one is his dad’s (which I haven’t yet checked.) and his vlog.



Another famous YouTuber mostly famous for his Happy Wheels commentaries which I’m not a fan of. Although I do like his iSketch videos. His literal trailers are also the big reason he is famous for. His Assassin’s Creed literal trailer is one of his best. His AC:Brotherhood trailer has more than 35 million views.

‘Nod at the bird and people die, everywhere people die.’

Let’s Play has provided me another good reason to surf YouTube. Other than seeing cat and dog videos when I’m bored, I can totally see these videos and procrastinate without any guilt! If you know any good channels, do tell me about them.



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