Facebook is depressing.

Facebook is a depressing place. And I’m not taking my words back about it.

If you are having a bad day, a bad week, or a very very bad year, the best you can do about it is to completely avoid Facebook. Yes, Facebooks helps in ‘connecting’ people, it entertains you, it gives you the news, it helps you to stalk people, blah blah blah. It does so many things, shows you so many things that you want to know. And that is the main reason why it makes you depressed.

If you had a bad day at the office, you should really restrict yourself to a good movie or an album. The option of logging into Facebook should be least considered. We’re all Facebook addicts. We login everyday. And to avoid logging in, is not an easy task. But in this case, if you detest your work, loathe your boss, totally abhor the very field you’re working in, logging into Facebook might make you feel even low. You’ll see your friends posting photos of their recent vacation, photos about their office environment, statuses about how they had their greatest day ever. Seeing all this happy goody stuff will tear you apart and you’ll envy them much more to the level where you start hating them.

If you’re in college (a very bad, shitty college), or applied for one but didn’t get selected, you should totally avoid or at least skip their posts about their new college and how they have found their dream college and how they are totally enjoying living on their own in a new city. You would start feeling jealous and worse…you might question your own abilities. Your own skills and your dreams.

Same goes when you have just broken up or can’t just seem to find the right partner. That’s the perfect time where Faecbook like a scumbag and shows you couples who just found each other, couples getting married and settling down turning to a new chapter.

Therefore I do say in big fat words, FACEBOOK IS A HORRIBLE PLACE. It makes you sad, makes you negative, makes you lonely and jealous. Even I can’t remain cool after logging in Facebook and reading my friends having a lovely time in new cities, in their new colleges while I’m at home doing nothing.  They make me jealous, they make me irritated, they make me angry.


I’ve learned one thing. That is to never ever question your abilities. Let people say what they want, let people do what they want. If I’m stuck at home, at least I have time, a whole year’s worth time to concentrate on my guitar, to read books, to write…A LOT. I have read a total of 20+ books this year, a number even I’m surprised with. 20-25 books I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I’ve written lots of stories, I’ve written lots of blogs and I’ve totally improved in writing as well. And when it comes to guitar, I’ve improved considerably well too. This year, even if I’m stuck at home I enjoyed every bit of it, even though it was one of the hardest year so far. It let me improve myself. It let me to know about myself. I have made mistakes, lots and LOTS of them, but I’ve learned from them and still learning from it.

So, if you’re like me who gets jealous and low while seeing others enjoying, don’t be. It will make things worse. It’s impossible to be happy in these situations, but smile – a hard thing to do, but it does miracles. Don’t look at others. You’re awesome. Hell, you’re super awesome. You’re fabulous!

A great dialogue from the movie Rush which made me realise the fact : (Niki Lauda’s awesomeness.)

James Hunt: I feel responsible for what happened.
Niki Lauda: You were.
Hunt: I swayed the room and the race should never have went ahead.
Lauda: You did, but trust me. Watching you win those races while I was fighting for my life. You were equally responsible for getting me back in the car.

Also, this awesome video where Tobuscus tells the same thing.

– Viveck.

Stay awesome. Stay fabulous. And soar like a unicorn.


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