Hall of Shame

The man looked here and there. The room seemed familiar. Had he been here before? he wondered. He took his time in figuring out his confusion but in the end, decided to look around anyway.

The man walked slowly to the centre of the room and eyed the many pictures hanging on the wall. He began to twitch when he saw that the pictures were about him. Going through all the pictures on the wall, he began to sweat. His body became weak, his mind raced with crummy thoughts and his body gave in to his dejection. Feeling weaker and weaker, he moved his eyes from one picture to another. One was a dark picture where he was bare naked surrounded by men and women pointing and mocking him. ‘He could not avoid it.’ was written below it. The picture on the other side showed him, now hidden in a fetal position behind a table. The dark grim background was filled with red threatening eyes. ‘He could not fight them’ was written blow the picture.

The man kept on looking at the disturbing pictures even though he didn’t want to. Something was forcing him to stare at the pictures one by one where each of them only showed him suffering. He cringed when he saw another unsettling one. This time, the man’s body was tied like a patient of an asylum and no matter what he did, no matter how hard he tried to free himself, he was trapped in the claustrophobic cube of a room. ‘He could have been free.’ When he thought he couldn’t take the pain anymore, the man saw one last picture. He wailed in disbelief when he saw himself lying in a pool of blood. ‘He could have lived.’

The man fumbled to the ground. There was no use of yelling and crying now. Deep down, the he knew it as well. He knew where he was now. He had indeed been here before. But what was the use now? He cannot change the past now. The room just showed him his own reflection, and not a way to change it. He had to live with it now. Live with his dark, grim and shameful reflection.

The man raised his head to look at one last picture which he knew very well. He had seen it many times and couldn’t quite remember when he saw it the first time. There at the end of the room was the enormous framed picture that mocked him even more. A photo of himself lying helplessly once again, but this time the letters were big and bold.

‘Hall of Shame. The only hall ever in the world occupied by a single man. By a person who failed at everything. By the biggest loser there ever was.’

– Viveck

Photo Credit : Hiding.



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