Wrap up ’13: Movies

It’s almost the end of 2013 (we survived!!) and as the world goes crazy making their own Best of 2013 list, it’s a good time for me to make a list of my own.

Wrap up ’13: MOVIES

As a person who sees more than 50+ movies a year, 2013 seemed like a year to set a new personal record. But as it turned out, mainly due to my new love for YouTube channels, I saw only 46 (till now). Maybe I could get it to 50 in five days.

Coming to the movies released in 2013, for me, there were quite a few great ones here and there, but none made it to the epic scale.  I haven’t given a single movie a perfect 10 or a 9. The highest I’ve gone is an 8.5. In fact, the movie experiences were more memorable than the movie itself. Here are my Top 5.

1. The Lunchbox. Tells the story of how two middle aged people who haven’t even seen each other, fall in love by writing letters when a dhabbawala misplaces a lunchbox. Feel good, warm and beautiful. Almost like a good book. Movies like this are rare (considering Hindi movies.) Highly recommend it.

2. Rush. One word. Inspiring. And wonderful acting by Daniel Bruhl. 

3. The Conjuring. Why? One, because it was one of the best movie experiences I ever had in theaters. Two, because it was a good horror movie. It had all the elements which I like in a horror plot. Had a great time watching it. 

4. Man of Steel. Serious, emotional and thrilling. The super speed action sequences made me gaga.

5. No deserving movie. Yes. I don’t like to rank my favourites anyway.

Films also worth mentioning,


Gravity. Super space suspense movie.

Star Trek: Into Darkness. Benedict Cumberbatch vs Spock. Best action sequence along with the ones in MoS.

Pacific Rim. Giant robots vs Giant aliens. Need I say anything more?

Now You See Me. Surprisingly good. I was lucky enough to see it in another city, because it didn’t release where I live. 

Despicable Me 2. The minions had more screen time! And the side characters weren’t annoying like most animated movies! Banana! 

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Disappointing (still don’t approve the ‘trilogy’ idea) yet very entertaining at the same time. A plus for the quiet and fun movie experience I had watching it.

Some more not to be forgotten,


The Croods. Touching at the end.

Iron Man 3. Fairly different from the previous ones.

Fast and Furious 6. Somehow the combo of action, emotion and family goes pretty well. Paul Walker’s death was so sudden and so sad. He was a good actor.

Some films which were not released in 2013 made it to my top list as well. 


Drive. Silent. Gripping. New retro wave.

Heat. Classic heist film.

Before Sunrise. Different.

The Machinist. I’m fond of sticky notes after that. 

Taxi Driver. Powerful.

Dark City. Gave me a new concept to think about. 

In Time. Good plot. Good concept.

Pirate Radio. Feel good, funny and happy. Also, rock and roll!

I’ve listed 21 movies from the 46 which I’ve seen this year. Almost 50% of them made it to the list. Not bad. 

What have I missed this year? I know I’ve missed a lot. I’ll see them the next year. What were you favourites of 2013? 

– Viveck


2 thoughts on “Wrap up ’13: Movies

  1. Fair list up there, though I haven’t watched any of the Top5 😛
    You should finish the Before Trilogy as well as check out Upstream Color. Those are among my favourites from the few I’ve watched this year.
    Oh yeah, Drive and Taxi Driver are gems. 😀

    1. You should see The Lunchbox. Its even better than Madras Cafe. I wanted to put it in my list, but it was a forgettable one although quite unique in Hindi cinema. I’ll have Before Sunset, will hopefully see it before the end of the year.

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