Gorilla Vu and the Evils


Here is something which me and my friend Nu came up with while riding back home on a bus. We had to spend the next two hours in the cramped bus (over-cramped bus! like most inter-city buses) and as we were so bored of doing nothing for almost an hour, we wrote a story. (She made the illustration and told me to come up with a story.) It is a nonsensical tale of Bug and his adventure. It took us around 20 minutes to finish it so you might see some grammatical mistakes in the photo. Oh, and it is also incomplete.

This is a more polished and the complete version of the story.


Once, Bug was caught in the middle of a dangerous mountain by wild beasts. These creatures which ruled the land put him inside a cage and made preparations for a big feast. But Bug carefully planned his escape and miraculously made it out just in time. It was here that he came to know that he was a special one. That his destiny was something quite different than what he had had in mind. So, he went on a journey of self-identity to a wild beastly forest in South India which later changed his life completely.

His journey was an eventful one inside the dark, murky forest. He met several animals and tried to become one of their own. He met ghastly beasts like tree hornets, wind buzzers and banyan pumpers. But the one which caught his attention the most was Gorilla Vulcaniser. His hair was the main source which improved the rubber all around the forest Dhandak. So, Bug insisted and pleaded Gorilla Vulcaniser to give him wisdom and later convinced him that he will prove to be the worthy one. That he will be his greatest and most loyal disciple.

Further adventures brought him too many hapahazards and perils, but his newly acquired vulcanised hair was his main weapon from the evils of the land. Together, Gorilla Vulcaniser and Bug walked around the whole forest and strengthened every little tree. But one crucial task remained. Gorilla Vulcaniser gave Bug the last task of strengthening the oldest tree in the forest which was on top of a dangerous hill. So, again his training was put to test and he finally managed to convince his master that he was the worthy one after finishing his task. And this was how Bug became the new Gorilla Vu – the protector of the forest.

– Viveck


2 thoughts on “Gorilla Vu and the Evils

  1. Nice story. Reminds me of those little stories for kids I’d read in a book by Sudha Murthy. It’s still lying at home.

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