Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy in Writing

DSC_0407It’s been some time since I participated in Weekly Photo Challenges. This week’s challenge caught my eye and made me realise that 2013, although was a jerky uphill-downhill run for me, it had many great moments as well – especially in writing.

This photo was taken by my friend Nu in one of our meetings in a local cafe. We have been having these meetings where we work on our projects and make plans to further take it ahead. These projects are mostly related to writing and illustrations and the best part about it is working in a fresh, quite environment with coffee! We enter the cafe, pick our usual spots and sometimes curse others who have already taken our seats. Then we order coffee and spread our materials on the table and on the chairs and brainstorm. Working in a cafe is one experience that everyone should have. You can work peacefully, you can have drinks and food, and you don’t get distracted. You can even show off…

These meetings are one of the reasons why I’m still motivated to finish the stories I’m working on. The pictures we have taken and the time we have spent working are sure some of the best moments of this year!

As always, here’s the link if you want to check other posts. on the theme Joy.

– Viveck

P.S. The photo was taken when I was busy writing and not when I was procrastinating and putting stuff in Instagram. 


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