Wrap up ’13: Blogging (and Vacation)

2013 has been a great year for blogging. I joined WordPress on July with an intention of writing reviews for games/books and movies. And now after five months, my blog has more than 1,000 hits and 73 followers. It has not only motivated me to write further reviews but has also provided a platform for me to write more fiction.

December has been the best month for blogging so far. I came across several good writers and got a few regular readers. I even shaped my blog further and formed a structure a few days ago. I’ll update it in my About Me page soon. (My About Me page hits has drastically increased after I put it under maintenance.)

The Moonshaker says thanks to all the people who have helped him this year.

P.S. I won’t be posting for a week became I’m going on a vacation! A 4 day trip to Kutch. I’ll be staying in a tent near a reservoir, a few kilometers from the desert. I can’t wait till I get to see the white Rann of Kutch and the ancient city Dholavira – of the Indus Valley Civilization dating back to 2650BCE.

I hope I don’t lose my momentum in blogging after that. My regular readers, don’t go away!

Happy 2014.


Photo Credit: Melywn Patel


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