Kutch ’14 Day 03: The Sea and the Departure

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Our cottages. We shifted here after our first night.
The cottage looked quite beautiful during daytime, but as we got the last cottages at the end of the lodge, this seemed like a scary little place during nighttime.

It took as an hour and a half to get to Mandvi. We took the only road, but this time to the south. The roads were a bit rough in the middle, but was better once again when the city was nearing. The city was a bit different from Bhuj. Set in the coast, it was like a typical coastal town. The desert-like atmosphere was not quite there here, but it had its own appeal in itself.

We first visited the Vijay Vilas Palace located right near the sea.






The view from the top reminded me of Tin Tin somehow.
The view from the top reminded me of Tin Tin somehow.

The docks had many fishing ships which were being constructed. But they were dirty (like all the docks which I’ve seen so far.) A thing I noticed in Mandvi was that it had a tinge of white all around it, unlike Bhuj and the other towns which had the yellow desert feel to it. Mandvi was white and blue. And you can feel the coast in the distant because the humid sea air.



The sea was a bit different. It was blue-ish green which really got me excited. And the wind farm on the seashore added to the scene. But the seashore was dirty. We could have gone to the Private clean beach but we didn’t know about it yet.


We had lunch in a place called Hotel Osho, in a tiny narrow street. The place was abuzz, with locals and foreigners. The food was just as delicious as Hotel Annapurna and it had the same system as well for preventing wastage. The rotis and the jalebis were the best. And the chillies!

Our last stop was the Shyam Krishna Memorial. Shyamji was one of India’s many freedom fighters and he had a memorial dedicated to him near the less crowded sea coast area away from the city. The place was a beauty.

The building built exactly like India House in London.
The building built exactly like India House in London.

The third day ended with us boarding the train to home and spending the next seven out of nine hours sleeping. Kutch proved to be a great way of starting the New Year and it certainly did me good and gave me a chance for a fresh start. The Rann was a beauty – almost otherworldly and the villages and the people were a delight. The vacation definitely was a different and an enjoyable one.

– Viveck


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