Doodle Jump: The Creepy Game with a Hidden Meaning.

My very first blog in WordPress (July ’13). Talks about the other side of Doodle Jump…the evil side.

The Moonshaker

I first played Doodle Jump two years back in my old Nokia 5233. But as the mobile got crap, the game lagged and I couldn’t play it much. Then I played the game again in my Micromax Canvas 2, but as mobile got crap (the mobile started touching itself so much, it lost control and fainted) I couldn’t play it again. I installed Doodle Jump one more time in my new Sony Xperia L and couldn’t stop playing it.

Doodle Jump is an endless game where you escort your little alien fellow to the vast expanse of the universe by jumping on platforms and avoiding monsters on the way. If you fall off a platform, get hit by a monster, or get sucked into a black hole you die. If you get abducted by a mysterious UFO that appears out of nowhere, you die.   But to make the little alien…

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