The Perks of Cooking for the first time.

One of the many perks of staying alone when your parents are on a trip is ordering food. I like to plan my menu from breakfast, lunch, in between snacks and dinner at the beginning of the day. (Just like my mother does.) After a light breakfast of tulsi green tea, and a banana (yes, that’s all.) I waited for an hour or so to order lunch. Tea and a slice of banana didn’t boost me up, so I made a sad cup of coffee.

The thing about being alone is that one can even experiment with the ingredients they have at their house. When the net is at my disposal, I come across lots of appealing and delicious stuff that are very easy to make. But then I end up being lazy and the idea to make food on my own becomes a sheer daydreaming thought. But I had new plans today. I experimented with my coffee, to make it as Latte-ee as possible, but the end result was…something else entirely. More water, less coffee. A tasteless coffee-less drink.

I ordered lunch from a Mexican restaurant – Hola Mexicana, a new little restaurant in the city. Ordering online is a way easier task than ordering on the phone. Main reason being, you don’t have to shy away (I do shy away…sometimes) and you don’t have to face the doubts of pronouncing the name of the food incorrectly. And when there are no delivery charges, who’s there to complain?


I ordered five items and a hot coffee for both lunch and dinner. And my god, they were sumptuous. I’ve only had tacos and nachos when it came to Mexican food, so I completely ignored them today. I had Burritos, Mexican Rice (brown lime rice), Quesadila, Egg Sincronizada and Milanesa. Maybe it was me being hungry the whole morning. I gulped them down immediately once I  had them on my plate. Oh and they looked great too.

Sadly, the coffee mishap happened again. The delivery guy messed up my coffee and spilled it in half on the way. Good that it was just Rs.30.

The Moonshaker Cooks

…sort of.

I don’t know what’s it called but I’ll name it the ‘Two Face Apple.’ Made by accident.


I was always amazed by how people made jello shots in apples. It looked delicious. But apparently, all these had alcohol in them. And I live in a state where alcohol is illegal. (It is bloody illegal. You’ll end up in jail if you drink alcohol here. The atrocity.) So, I decided to make something different. I looked up several YouTube videos and decided to merge two dishes. Instead of coating the entire apple with chocolate, I decided to scoop the apple from the inside, like they do to make apple shots, and I poured the melted chocolate inside before adding a tinge of lemon above the apples. I then put them inside the freezer for an hour and voila I got chocolate apples. It was here I realised my mistake. Though I did scoop the apple from the inside, I left the segment, the middle part of the apple, untouched. So, I ended up with a Two Faced Apple when I cut it into four parts.

...not heaven, but not hell either. This came out better than I expected. Although I wished my camera had taken better photos. Or I had.
…not heaven, but not hell either. This came out better than I expected.  I wish my camera had taken better photos. Or I had. Because it looked better than this. I swear.

I even had an apple with melted chocolate, though it was difficult to eat. I’ll try the Chocolate Banana tomorrow. My cooking skills have increased by 0.000025%. Achievement.

I had the same Mexican food for dinner. Although, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did during lunch. I’ll have the same for lunch tomorrow. Oh, that weird thought of eating the same dish again and again. The theory of marginal utility is apt here.

At night, I looked up more YouTube videos and make my best coffee ever. I came across this new way of making coffee which makes it frothier. Take two spoons of coffee, one or two spoons of sugar and pour two drops of water on them. Stir them up until you get a thick coffee paste, brown-light brown in colour. It will take around 5 minutes to get the paste done. Then I mixed the coffee paste with hot milk and water and stirred it again for a while. The result was a strong, frothy coffee. Hurrah!

I had planned a lot today, but I ended up doing only one thing…yet. (Writing this blog.) My plan changed when I took up this sudden interest in making beverages and desserts. And boy, I had a good time making them.

– Viveck.


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