Winter Rain

January rains. Ever so unusual.

It rained heavily early in the morning at 3am, and it hasn’t stopped until now. The rains came from nowhere. Maybe there was a cyclone passing from the north or the east or the south. But I didn’t have a clue. My friend sent me a random weather update yesterday where the picture showed it was to be a cloudy weather this week. I thought it was a glitch.

But the rains fell so suddenly and so heavily that it felt like the rains Dean Koontz describes in The Taking. The rain was neither luminescent nor tainted, but their entry was surprising at the middle of the night. It was joined by a three hour power cut. It was a different experience. I’m alone in my house for a couple of days, and the rains and the power cut almost felt like a little exciting experience. The weather was still cool. Around 14.c to 16.c even with the rains. It’s still 18.c despite the rains.

Even though I was enjoying the weather, my imagination jumped on the wild side. It was pitch dark and I had problems seeing clearly even with my mobile on. It almost felt like someone was watching me, from across the corner, waiting for the right moment to strike. But despite all that, I didn’t even budge from my bed. I slept like a dog in the cold rainy night before having midnight conversations with a couple of friends about the rain. I don’t even remember when I had these talks. Weird.

The weather app shows that it will rain till tomorrow and remain cloudy for a week. It’s quite sad, but still good. I hope I don’t get disappointed. And I sure hope the rain doesn’t taunt me when I’m going out.

This morning is turning out to be quite swell. Quiet and chill. Had a good cup of coffee and got my set of magazines which I had subscribed for as well. And I’m even writing a blog. Well, well.

– Viveck.


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