Monthly Music Flashback: January ’14.

To include more music content in my blog and to keep an overall record for my year in music review, I’ve decided to create a new series of blogs where I will be posting about new bands and albums I come across every month. I’ve avoided my playlist, because that would just make things boring. But once in a while, I’ll sure to write about my favourite bands and albums as well.

January was a good month in music. Came across a few good albums mainly when I went searching for more indie rock stuff – including an album which would become my album of the year ’14 or come close to it.

The Little Flames, The Rascals, The Zutons, Jose Gonzalez, Sky Rabbit, The Zombies

The Little Flames
The Day is Not Today (2007)

I only knew one song about the band before – Put Your Dukes Up John, which was covered by Arctic Monkeys in one of their singles. It was only earlier this month that I heard their album – The Day is not Today. And I was totally blown away by it. The Little Flames was an indie rock band, a band so great, yet so short lived. They have only released three singles and their album went unreleased…but is available on the internet. They have everything I like in a song. They are a bit retro and have high pumping distortion, bit of fuzz, tinge of reverb and crackling riffs and solos. Eva Petersen’s sweet voice adds to the list. No wonder Arctic Monkeys were their fan. Who knows what could have happened if they continued? After they split, three of its members, including Miles Kane formed The Rascals which was an ok-ish band. But The Little Flames, it is one kickas band!

The Rascals…not the ‘60s band.
Out of Dreams (2007)

Although I had their entire discography at my disposal, I didn’t quite go through their album, Rascalise. I didn’t like it much. Miles Kane, though he is claimed to be a great musician, I still don’t quite like him. He has bland tunes, some painful. And his voice is irritating. (But even my voice is thin, and similar to him. Hmm.Weird.) I heard the EP Out of Dreams which was comparatively better than their album. Would be listening to their album soon this month. I do like Miles Kane’s and Alex Turner’s duo project – The Last Shadow Puppets. Has some catchy tunes in it. Still, much baroque.

Miles Kane will grow on me…I guess.

The Zutons.
Who killed…The Zutons? (2004)

An interesting combination of indie rock and blues. I heard their ‘great great’ single Valerie was the most popular. So, I ignored that album first and heard their debut album Who Killed…The Zutons? It’s a typical indie rock album but Abi Harding’s saxophone really adds some freshness to it.  My favourites are Zuton Fever with a kickass ending, Confusion and Not a Lot to Do, their mellow blues numbers, and Havana Gang Brawl. The album is a one good listen.

Sky Rabbit (2012- )

My friend recommended this alternative/post-punk indie band. This band has given me more faith regarding indie music in India. Ignore all those Bollywood-ish bands that claim to be the masters of pop and rock. Sky Rabbit has a number of great songs and with their warm tunes, they are sure to make you feel good.

Jose Gonzalez
In Our Nature (2007)

Found him after seeing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. A member of the Swedish band Junip, this is his second solo album, an indie folk album. His version of the famous song Teardrop by Massive Attack is my favourite from the album. He sure is one hell’ova classical guitar player. His vocal melodies and the simple hand claps make the songs have more depth.

And his songs in Walter Mitty made me teary.

The Zombies
Odessey & Oracle (1968)

Came across this popular album just a few days back. This 60s psychedelic pop/rock album has a history of its own. With a tight budget while recording and disputes between the members, the band split before the release of the album itself. Don’t know why the album average-d on the charts (did it?), but it sure has its own legacy now, especially with the popular Time of the Season. The whole album has a springy/autumny feel to it.

One of the memorable lines I like from the album is from Maybe After He’s Gone.
Maybe after he’s gone, she’ll come back, want me again.

Check my review of Kaleidoscope (2012) by The F16s, another great Indian indie rock band.

Till next month,



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