Book Review: The Illicit Happiness of Other People

An accurate and a detailed review of The Illicit Happiness of Other People by Manu Joseph. One of the best Indian novels I’ve read so far.

Across Polyethylene

“In this world, it is very hard to escape happiness.”

Manu Joseph is better known as the man behind Open Magazine, and shines as an investigative journalist with his contribution to the expose of Nira Radia tapes as well as being quite boldly critical of a number of different political entities in India at a time when most of the journalists had begun leaning either side. Meanwhile he has also written some outstanding fiction, with this one being his second. I have not read his debut novel Serious Men and am eager to give it a read, but I have already begun to believe that The Illicit Happiness of Other People maybe his better work – more so due to its semi-autobiographical nature.

This review could easily turn out to be an elaborate rant about the mediocrity of other Indian authors that I have come across so far, but I…

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