Girl in the Balcony

Wrote this for Nu’s lovely new painting. The above is not her’s though.

In his window of half remembered memories there was one such memory he kept going back to where he tried every now and then to get a further peek behind the curtains. It was a wonderful morning and he was walking in a quiet lane of a familiar city, yet it was somehow unknown. Somewhere around noon, he saw a beautiful girl standing in the balcony of her room, or the living room probably. He didn’t know. Her long wavy hair was perfectly combed and it shined in the Sun. She had those big eyes that take in everything it sees. She was leaning on the balcony grill and he saw her lost in her thoughts. What was she thinking about? Although she was looking at the trees and the bridge ahead, he felt like she was seeing something entirely different through her eyes. The Sun made her look perfect, as it felt like it had pulled her inner beauty that was stuffed and hidden within. Beside her, flowing down from her balcony were lovely blue and yellow flowers, the kind one has never seen. He stood there looking at her for a while. Then she sighed and slumped her shoulders at something only she could see and went inside. He stood there wondering but then realized she was gone. And now everyday, he comes back to that place to see her and to figure out the mysterious world she sees through her eyes.

– Viveck

Painting Credit: Andrew Rance


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