4 reasons why HIMYM’s ending destroyed the series.

Spoilers ahead. You don’t say!?

‘You know what we should do? We should totally open a bar. No, wait. We should totally destroy HIMYM. Yes, that would be legendary!’

That’s what the directors were thinking when they decided the ending on one of the greatest sitcoms. Or were they even thinking at all at this point?? Since the day I started watching HIMYM, probably 4-5 years back, I knew it would become one of my favourite tv shows of all time. And since then, I have watched and rewatched most of the seasons a hundred times. I must have spent hours and hours thinking about the show, and relating to the characters and their situations. Just like Full House which was a series I watched as a growing kid, HIMYM was the show during my college years. And I’m the kind of guy who gets totally attached to a series if I start loving it. Non fiction doesn’t inspire me, it is fiction, shows like these, books and movies that inspire me. Full House  had a memorable series to a great-great series. But the very essence of HIMYM was SHATTERED in the finale. Completely destroyed.

I felt disappointed. No, I felt miserable. The directors are now going to create an alternate ending to the show. But the damage is done. Even an alternate ending wouldn’t work now. They had their last laugh. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

These are some of the major points that made me miserable. ‘MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.’

1. THEY RUINED BARNEY. Barney, one of the greatest, most lovable characters. And by far, his character development was the one that brought a new tone to the series. It took almost 6 seasons for us to see Barney in a wedding suit. And since then, we have always been rooting for him. He became Barney. A character who can change his life for the better by finding his own love, and putting an end to his old ways. A person who even after sleeping with half the women in the world finds his ONE and finds true love. We have seen Barney deal with his life, deal with finding love, TRYING to find true love, dealing with his father, his friends, DEALING WITH ROBIN. All NINE SEASONS. But in the end, it took an entire season for the wedding thing to happen, only to see Robin and Barney getting a divorce in 15 minutes in the next episode. HE BECOMES THE SAME BARNEY THAT WE SAW IN EARLIER SEASONS. They ruined him. What was the point anyway? Barney lost his epicness. He was not legendary anymore. He became immature, and refused to grow up. All these seasons of character development gone POOF. And it was awful to see him having a love child for all that matters by banging a random chick that we never even see. A love child. That’s unforgivable.

2. THEY RUINED THE MOTHER. She was so likeable, she was perfect, and she was the ONE for Ted. In the end, she just became ONE OF THE ONES like any other ‘serious’ girlfriend – like Stella, Zoey and Victoria. They even KILLED HER OFF. After nine season of waiting and waiting, we get to see her in the finale of Season Eight. Sure, she was great in every way the entire ninth season. But after she died, it now feels like she was actually a ghost. TED SHOULD HAVE MARRIED TRACY. That was the point of the show. Now when she died, it became a classic Bollywood turn. It became KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI. Where Tracy was Rani and Robin was Kajol.

3. THEY RUINED TED. Ted, the poor guy who doesn’t even find his true love. The point of the show was that Robin was not the one for him, Robin was ROBIN (see the next point). The whole point of his character and, yes, the entire show was the if one waits and never gives up, his/her’s life would be legendary once more. Ted was the guy I related to this most. Life was not on his side. He had many failures and even dealt with them in the end. He should have dealt with Robin as well. But no, he became a sick bastard in the end – why?

4. BECAUSE THEY RUINED ROBIN. Robin. All this time, right before the end, during all the nine seasons, they put Robin to state one thing. ‘Everybody has a Robin – the person that you loved very much, but can’t be with. And whoever you’ll meet, whatever you’ll do, nothing will be like it would be with Robin.’ – till we find someone better. Till we find the significant other. Till we find the ONE. Robin was the person whom we will eventually see with another man. Robin was a character that showed us to move on, that life can’t give you whatever you want, even when your life craves for Robin. As Ted says in some season, ‘I want that.’ but he doesn’t get it in the end, yes, that’s what the show was about. He has loved Robin in every way possible, and found it difficult to move on, but when he found Tracy, Ted was free. Free from Robin. We have seen him crying, on the terrace when he tells Robin that he still loves him. We have seen him devastated when Robin finally tells him that she doesn’t love him. We have seen him crying alone when Barney proposed Robin. That was the most tearful episode ever. We have seen him dealing with the locket all the ninth season. We have even seen him move on when she sees Robin flying in the sky just a few episodes before the finale. THAT WAS THE SIGN THAT TED HAS FINALLY LEFT ROBIN. THAT HE HAS MOVED ON. But what happened? Even after 20 years or so Ted still had feelings for Robin. He clung to her like some toy. What about Tracy? We don’t even get to see the funeral, him dealing with life afterwards. But no, now that she’s dead, I finally have my chance. I will finally marry Robin. Yes, Tracy had a serious boyfriend once who had died before. And we see Ted in the same situation. Tracy marries Ted afterwards. And Ted marries Robin. If it was anyone else, I wouldn’t be that angry, but it was Robin. And ROBIN WAS NOT THE ONE FOR TED.

Every character became the way they were before. All nine seasons of character development, gone POOF. Robin becomes a woman again obsessed over her career. Doesn’t even care about the group. And takes time even hurting everybody especially Lilly. She became Susan from those Narnia books. Barney becomes a playboy once again. Ted becomes a creep. The fact that he still has feelings for Robin after 20 years and after marrying someone is sick. Robin and Barney were supposed to be together. Two completely different characters coming together in the end. And Ted and the ‘mother’ Tracy were supposed to be together. They were perfect.

The only thing they didn’t ruin were Marshall and Lilly. They were still the same old couple. And I’m glad they remained like that.

The alternate ending wouldn’t work now. Like I said, the damage is done. I can’t even watch the old episodes again. I’m sick of it. And if you ask me how I’d like the end? It is with Robin and Barney getting married. And Ted finally seeing her mother. That is, the second last episode should have been the finale with a few additional scenes of him getting married to her.

This was the moment everyone was waiting for. And it was such a good scene. Then, came the finale which left us cringing.

And another scenario where the mother actually died, then they should have added a few more episodes of that tragedy and show how Ted feels about it. And when it ends, we see him saying ‘And kids, this is how I met your mother.’ It would be like the reason he told the big story the first place was to relive his beautiful memories and how good their life was. It would be as if he has provided the biggest life lesson ever.

But any day, I’d have preferred the first ending that I described.

I’m sad. And I would be disgruntled for a long time.

They ruined Ted, ruined Barney, and Robin.

What did you think about the finale? Do share your views and opinions too.

– Viveck
A person devastated by HIMYM’s end.



6 thoughts on “4 reasons why HIMYM’s ending destroyed the series.

    1. That should have been in the episode. At least a scene of Ted mourning would make us understand that he is going through the same thing Tracy went with his first serious boyfriend. But she was right. The scene would have been heart-breaking and somewhat for the fans, unbelievable, even though it might have provided some closure.
      Then again, I still firmly stick to my ending.

  1. I thought the finale was okay. I didn’t like that Ted ended up with Robin either, but what I didn’t like was how the focus of the finale was all about his romantic relationship. I mean I know the series is called how I met your mother but the central theme was the friendship between the characters and that was not too much of a focus in the finale. I don’t mind that Barney had a baby though because throughout the series you do see that he wants a kid. But the Robin and Ted character yes they did kind of ruin.

    1. Exactly. Nobody wanted Ted and Robin to be together. Nine season of buildup about how they didn’t belong together ended in a stupid stupid way. And the French horn element became overused and it was definitely not romantic considering Ted still had feelings for her after all those years. 15-20 years or something. Yes, and the way they dealt with the ‘friends’ them was bad. Sure, they felt it was realistic and all, but the finale just didn’t work in any way at all. It was bland. And it took away everything the series had.

      Barney wanted a child agreed, but him being back to his usual state after tons of character development which made us truly believe that a guy like Barney can indeed change was devastating. Like I said, he lost his ‘legendary-ness’. I didn’t like him having a random baby out of nowhere. One scene they get divorced, next scene a baby pops up out of nowhere and nobody gives a damn about it because we don’t get to see very much of it either. Another problem was that all these things happened so fast. It felt like a series of montage clips put together for the big finale. If they had these scenes, and this storyline, they could have heavily shortened the ninth season. Because it had nothing, nothing at all. Sure, some episodes were nice but the entire season was a drag :/

      1. Totally agree season 9 was really draggy, especially after revealing the mother, the build up to Ted meeting her was too long slow in my opinion.
        You do know that they shot the scene with the kids for the finale in season one right? Maybe that’s why it wasn’t so great, they had to write a story to fit that instead of letting it flow and evolve.

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