Reading Murakami in a book store on a dull Sunday Evening.

Taken from my new blog The Quiet Kook where I visit my favourite book shop in South Bombay on a dull Sunday evening and discovered Murakami.

The Quiet Kook

It was around 5.30 when I decided to get out of my house and do something. Being on the laptop the whole day inside a little rectangle blue room didn’t make sense to me as it was a Sunday. After barely avoiding the landlady downstairs and saving myself from a torturous lecture to pay the bill on time, I started walking towards the Causeway in the cold evening. I wanted to visit the Museum of Modern Art because it had a new exhibit but at the same time I really wasn’t in the mood for a good history lesson. I don’t even remember what the exhibit was about right now, so I think it was nothing special.

After a quick detour to enquire about the crowd outside Jehangir Art Gallery, I went inside Kitab Khana. I realised then and there that this quaint book store had become my Sunday staple…

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