letters from afar #1

Two strangers talk about their love of music. Through letters. My latest entry in my new blog, The Quiet Kook. If you like the post, do like and follow for more posts like these.

The Quiet Kook




The last song I listened to before I read your letter was the “Intro” to Alt-J’s second album. As much as I’d like to talk about that great song (probably one of the best intros to any album), it was not the last song I listened to before writing this letter, so that doesn’t count.

So I’ll talk about “I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party” by The Beatles. You might be wondering if this is actually the last song I heard, probably due to three particular reasons.

  1. This song is easy to talk about.
  2. I must have picked the song at random.
  3. I must not be really interested in this conversation of ours and picked a song by the biggest band in the world, because that’s what came to my mind first.

 Now, I can’t prove to you that I’ve actually listened to the song before…

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