Who am I?

Preserved and shy, your average guy, no piercing stare, just out of shape with messy hair. A business management graduate who finds marketing and advertising an interesting profession. An aspiring writer who does his warm-ups by blogging. A guitarist who likes post-punk revival and indie music and…oh dear God who am I!? In case you’re wondering, the first sentence is a line by The Vaccines. Talk about originality, eh? I like watermelons.


I write fiction. As an aspiring writer, I’ll soon be releasing my first book ‘It Came For Him’ early this year. I’m working on two other writing projects as well, one being, ‘The Moonshaker.’

I write reviews. Mostly on books and movies. Will be writing on music and various games as well.

I express my opinions. Mostly in a loud, sarcastic narrative. I should learn how to rant like a Sir.

Also an aspiring professional doodler, movie sin spotter, and a musician who sticks to his indie tunes and pretends to be Alex Turner. My YouTube channel and SoundCloud.

Other interests: Fighting against writer’s block, regularly waging a war inside my head, being Walter Mitty.

My short story Benny, the Book published in Penumbra, an online youth magazine.

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I’m open to any freelancing work and writing projects as long as it fits my area. Feel free to contact me.
E-mail: viveck.vu@gmail.com.
Twitter: @viveckvivu
I’m also on Goodreads.

– Viveck “The Moonshaker”
A person who will rise and shake the moon.


3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hey MoonShaker!
    You know I wouldn’t be me if I weren’t STILL playing around with themes!
    Guess what I just found: You can select colors/layout/# of columns/etc & it will return the themes that fit your specifications!
    Oh, guess who will FINALLY find her perfect theme?
    (If you already know this exists, then sorry. LOL)
    http://theme.wordpress.com/ then click on the down arrow on the “theme” button to find all the boxes.
    Have fun!

    1. Hello there!
      I’m with you. The quest has not yet ended!
      I gotta do some fiddling with it. Usually I just type a requirement in the Search Box but in vain. I’ll use it and hope…HOPE to find my chosen one 😛

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