Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy in Writing

It’s been some time since I participated in Weekly Photo Challenges. This week’s challenge caught my eye and made me realise that 2013, although was a jerky uphill-downhill run for me, it had many great moments as well – especially in writing. This photo was taken by my friend Nu in one of our meetings… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy in Writing

Christmas Tortoise

The little tortoise rolled its head curiously as the boy opened its present. They were tiny shoes with small puffy rockets. It gleamed in joy. Santa had finally made its dream come true. … My third challenge in Trifecta. Charles Dickens, in A Christmas Carol, wrote “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious… Continue reading Christmas Tortoise

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated Timbrrrrrrr

 My college isn’t the only place which is GREEN. In fact, every campus area…well…the whole city is in a lush green surrounding. This was taken on a not so cloudy day in the rainy season besides the head canteen of the university. We came across this area when we bunked the class for an early… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated Timbrrrrrrr

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns to Wood and Paper

Earlier this year during my college trip to a far away countryside, in a deer sanctuary (we spotted ONLY four deer and one was ready to chase us till the very end for a hearty snack. That stalker deer), we took a little break in what looked like a fairly big open cottage. The roof of the cottage looked like this. The cottage cooled us from the scorching heat and it even gave me some time to take some good shots. (I had to make do with photos like these and dying trees and leaves. The deer only began to stalk us afterwards.)


The Fort of Books.
While walking on a street in FORT, Mumbai, I actually spotted a real fort. The photo below is just one side of the big book fort. It was even stacked in a way that one could go inside and search for more books. Now, this is one place where one could spend hours and days but sadly, some of the sellers pester you till you lose your mind.


– The Moonshaker