The City the way it really is.


She then said to me, ‘No one sees the real city from their own eyes. It is only through the lens and only after the picture is taken that one sees the city the way it really is.’





The path he is on, Old yet New. Mysterious. Known yet Unknown. Distorted. Dark yet Bright. Uncertain. Eventually, it will come for him. Whatever that might be. Soon. (Part of my upcoming book soon to be released next month. If you like what you read, or would like to know more regarding the book, stay… Continue reading Followed

Three Hours

I don’t really know what this is. Maybe an attempt on emphasising what is abstract.  His back ached as he straightened himself. Still sitting cross-legged, he stretched himself. He heard his bones crack. He twisted his body left and right. Crack. Crack. This gave him a sense of relief and he sighed as his ache disappeared. He… Continue reading Three Hours

Gorilla Vu and the Evils

Here is something which me and my friend Nu came up with while riding back home on a bus. We had to spend the next two hours in the cramped bus (over-cramped bus! like most inter-city buses) and as we were so bored of doing nothing for almost an hour, we wrote a story. (She… Continue reading Gorilla Vu and the Evils