letters from afar #1

Originally posted on The Quiet Kook:
….. Greetings. The last song I listened to before I read your letter was the “Intro” to Alt-J’s second album. As much as I’d like to talk about that great song (probably one of the best intros to any album), it was not the last song I listened to…

Monthly Music Flashback: January ’14.

To include more music content in my blog and to keep an overall record for my year in music review, I’ve decided to create a new series of blogs where I will be posting about new bands and albums I come across every month. I’ve avoided my playlist, because that would just make things boring.… Continue reading Monthly Music Flashback: January ’14.

Music Review: Kaleidoscope by The F16’s.

Chennai based indie rock band – The F16’s is a group of five individuals in their twenties who put their mark on India’s indie music scene with post-punk revival. While their official SoundCloud page says (their Facebook page lists quite a lot) that they are influenced by many post-punk revival and indie bands like Arctic… Continue reading Music Review: Kaleidoscope by The F16’s.