letters from afar #1

Originally posted on The Quiet Kook:
….. Greetings. The last song I listened to before I read your letter was the “Intro” to Alt-J’s second album. As much as I’d like to talk about that great song (probably one of the best intros to any album), it was not the last song I listened to…

Monthly Music Flashback: January ’14.

To include more music content in my blog and to keep an overall record for my year in music review, I’ve decided to create a new series of blogs where I will be posting about new bands and albums I come across every month. I’ve avoided my playlist, because that would just make things boring.… Continue reading Monthly Music Flashback: January ’14.

Music Review: Kaleidoscope by The F16’s.

Chennai based indie rock band – The F16’s is a group of five individuals in their twenties who put their mark on India’s indie music scene with post-punk revival. While their official SoundCloud page says (their Facebook page lists quite a lot) that they are influenced by many post-punk revival and indie bands like Arctic… Continue reading Music Review: Kaleidoscope by The F16’s.

That 70s Post

Originally posted on Across Polyethylene:
It is almost surprising to note that, looking back from today, the 70s were not thirty years ago, but forty. An era that saw the world turn around on so many fronts, the decade has formed a firm base to the society, economy, political scenario and the pop-culture of day…