The City the way it really is.


She then said to me, ‘No one sees the real city from their own eyes. It is only through the lens and only after the picture is taken that one sees the city the way it really is.’




Winter Rain

January rains. Ever so unusual. It rained heavily early in the morning at 3am, and it hasn’t stopped until now. The rains came from nowhere. Maybe there was a cyclone passing from the north or the east or the south. But I didn’t have a clue. My friend sent me a random weather update yesterday… Continue reading Winter Rain

Inside The Red Brick Building


We call this building – my college – the Red Brick Building.  The college is getting greener and greener every year and the plants have literally taken control over the building. There is not a single place to sit because every corner of the building is occupied by a proud, annoying plant. Even from outside, in a few years, the college would be hard to make out for all the huge trees growing at the entrance.

Sometimes, we call it the Red Fortress. Because IT IS one. And it will be. We always imagine a post-apocalyptic version of the college, where the place is still intact but overgrown by dried plants and trees. We have gone far enough to make an alien invasion story, and an alternate reality story involving the red brick fortress.

This college makes you do crazy things.

– The Moonshaker

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside